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The Eden Acoustics TÔMEI System

“The Eden website claims that the Tomei system presents “a big, open, airy sound.” I’d call it an understatement. These speakers disappear in the room better than nearly anything I’ve experienced.

... Eliminating Mr. Armstrong from the presentation, Ms. Fitzgerald’s solo performance on “Miss Otis Regrets” is beyond description in typical audiophile clichés… listening to the Eden system in the nearfield presents Fitzgerald realistically, both sonically and spatially. It only feels like there is someone standing in front of a microphone in the room.

The opening bass drum whump in Shelby Lynne’s “Just a Little Lovin’” hints at the sheer jump factor of which these speakers are capable. The big bass drum in St. Vincent’s “Who” leaves no doubt. Aside from the level of bass energy that the Tomei’s woofer can produce, the quality, texture and sheer resolution of the bass produced are wonderfully lifelike.

… This level of clarity is a feat that some of the world’s finest speakers can’t accomplish to this extent.

… The Tomei system is something I could live with forever if I stopped reviewing hifi gear and just had to pick a resting place. This is why it received one of my Publisher’s Choice Awards…"

Jeff Dorgay
TONE Audio Magazine
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Completely Open System

“Impatient to listen, the editor started with Joni Mitchell's "Both Sides Now” album - and immediately forgot all technical details about Eden Acoustics TÔMEI loudspeakers. The music projected with extraordinary spaciousness, musical precision and openness in the listening room, presenting the voice gently without undue softness. It was no doubt in world leader class.

The bass quality of the Blues Company (from the stereoplay CD "Der perfekt Klang 3"), which was previously unknown in a dry and deep combination, tempted the audience to turn the knob, and the Tômei gave its full kick, sounding loud and clear. The TOMEI is a real discovery for those who want to reach the Olympus in precision and airiness.

… Brahms' Requiem (from the Berlin Radio Symphony Orchestra exposed the paradox between the small, very close-placed speakers and the spaciousness of the projected Berlin Philharmonic, which was illuminated in all dimensions, so startling that the tester preferred shutting his eyes and listen to the SACD to the end."

Malte Ruhnke
Stereoplay Magazine
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A System for Gourmets

"It is well known that excellent loudspeakers come from Canada. However, the different models have so far appeared as rather down-to-earth constructions. With Eden Acoustics (coming from Montreal), a modern designer enters the worldwide loudspeaker scene and has a visual impact with his very first work. When I first saw it, I immediately noticed the technical idea behind it, next to the extraordinary design.

… Frédéric Chopin, Prelude in E-Minor (op. 28, no. 4) - Here a Steinway grand piano plays completely freely, with hard hung strings light and long notes presented so lively and beautifully. Goosebumps? Yes, indeed! I lean back, forget about the speakers and simply enjoy the listening... Pure musical bliss.

I’m easily carried by the piano sound and I’m again impressed by the awesome full strength sound whose striking spatiality never ceases to amaze me!

These speakers are not only a feast for the eyes. They easily manage the full spectrum of all kinds of music and they can satisfy even the most demanding audiophile.”

Alexander Aschenbrunner / Hi-Fi Stars
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Norddeutsche HiFi Tage

"The TÔMEI AIR Loudspeaker do not only convince with a unique design, rather Eden Acoustics solution is an outstanding, audiophile 2.1 channel all-in-one system that delivers a particularly exquisite, detailed sound image. Those Canadian loudspeakers shine with an almost holographic playback, a 3D sound, completely detached from the speakers in the room and the unfolding of a multi-layer soundstage.”

Hi-Fi Show - review by Sempre Audio Magazine
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6Moons Industry Features

Munich High-End - Pre-show announcement

"My second juiciest pre-show announcement came compliments of Canadian newcomer Eden Acoustics and their 4-piece Air speaker system… Had the openly baffled speaker finally become house-broken? Purely on looks, I felt compelled to say a very loud yes! Of course the proof would be in the listening but it was translucently clear that someone had thought long and hard indeed on how to circumvent the usual cosmetic objections to this breed of speaker…"
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Eden Acoustics revolutionizes the design of loudspeakers

HOMECRUX Online Magazine

There are a number of speakers out there to have music blaring into lives for some entertainment. Music is essential in everyone’s life; therefore innovative speaker designs are always in demand to meet needs of different people. But aren’t you tired of looking at the tedious box-shaped layout of loudspeakers?

For those who are looking for some unique kind of speaker designs, the Eden Acoustics’ AIR is the perfect high-end music system.

…With their exquisite appearance, (TÔMEI) AIR loudspeakers elegantly blends art and sound together to form stylish yet practical design to suit any modern interior. It’s certainly great home audio equipment for those who want their luxury music system to match with home interior.
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Première présentation des TÔMEI First Presentation

Association Montréalaise des Audiophiles - AMA - Montreal Audiophile Association

"Les TÔMEI sont une des 5 meilleurs enceintes acoustiques que nous ayons entendues ici. Parmi ces autres, le prix pouvait atteindre les 100,000$!"

"TÔMEI loudspeakers are one of the five best loudspeaker systems we ever heard here. Retail price of some of these other loudspeakers reached 100,000$…"

Serge Jobin - Président de l'AMA