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Like in transparent sound, transparent like in our Open Air line of loudspeaker systems.

From the start, we set out to create the ultimate musical experience: a loudspeaker that sounds so live, so immersive that you can almost touch the performers. That meant rethinking every element that makes a loudspeaker, completely changing the way sound can be reproduced.

The TÔMEI loudspeakers are the perfect example of our Open Air architecture. They are active, full range loudspeakers and the combination of outstanding sound quality and ground-breaking design. No more box, not even a baffle…

As one audiophile said: "Song after song, it led me to believe that there did not exist any speaker in front of me!"


Artisan work + high-tech

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Open baffle bass unit. Solid wood panel. Anti resonance acrylic base and damping spikes. Frequency response : low 20's
Each TÔMEI monitor stands on a solid wood support with anti resonance acrylic base and damping spikes.
All the electronics are installed in a central control unit. New generation digital signal processor and amplifiers.