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A new kid in town

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Eden's new LYRA MUSIC PLAYER puts all your music in ONE place.

LYRA is a high-end music player that can access your music from USB, NAS, streaming services like Tidal, Qobuz, Spotify, … or act as a DLNA Player or Airplay receiver. It also offers over 180 HD radio stations.

You can use the high-quality internal DAC or use your own.

What they say…

Matthieu G - "AWESOME! The sound is extremely clear and transparent to an unprecedented level…"

Joe W. - "I just sat and let myself enjoy the TOMEI sound, and as such it impressed me immensely. So much that my gut feeling is that they well may be what I have been looking for all along, for many years."

Dan F. - "The sound is mesmerizing, the soundstage is huge, with a sense of air, tonal balance and palpability I have yet to hear in box enclosure speakers."

Rick B. - "This is cutting edge audio art."