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New Resellers

The Edge is travelling around the world!

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We at Eden Acoustics are thrilled to share that we have expanded our EDGE distributor network to include partners in Australia and Israel. We warmly welcome our new distributors and look forward to working with them!

Eden Acoustics

What they say…

Matthieu G - "AWESOME! The sound is extremely clear and transparent to an unprecedented level…"

Joe W. - "I just sat and let myself enjoy the TOMEI sound, and as such it impressed me immensely. So much that my gut feeling is that they well may be what I have been looking for all along, for many years."

Dan F. - "The sound is mesmerizing, the soundstage is huge, with a sense of air, tonal balance and palpability I have yet to hear in box enclosure speakers."

Rick B. - "This is cutting edge audio art!"

TONE AUDIO Magazine - "These speakers disappear in the room better than nearly anything I've experienced."

Hi-Fi Stars Magazine (Germany) - "Wonderfully vivid, expansive sound… I lean back, forget the speakers, close my eyes… Pure musical bliss. Goose bumps? Yes, indeed!"